Codesmith Speaker Event: Accessibility – Making the Web More Inclusive

What is accessibility? Who benefits from accessibility? What are the standards for web accessibility, and what can you do as an engineer to make your websites more accessible?

This special Tech Talk led by Kailee Pedersen, Software Engineer at Twitch and Codesmith Part-Time Remote Immersive Alum, introduces engineers to web accessibility and shares various techniques for improving web accessibility, with a focus on frontend development. The presentation also explores Twitch’s approach to accessibility and provides helpful resources and documentation for engineers looking to learn more.

In her role at Twitch, Kailee works on the frontend with React, TypeScript, and GraphQL. She has delivered accessibility-focused talks at Twitch and continues to advocate for accessibility as an engineer in partnership with the Accessibility Program Manager. Previously she was a technical recruiter for various startups. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, playing video games, and singing opera.

0:00 Introduction
1:31 What is Accessibility
2:09 Why is Accessibility Important
4:13 Assistive Technologies & Adaptive Strategies
4:58 Who is responsible for accessibility?
6:29 Working with accessibility as an Engineer
14:39 How to test your website for accessibility
16:56 Accessibility at Twitch
18:36 Life as a Twitch Engineer
20:05 Accessibility Resources & Documentation
21:35 Q&A

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