Cisco Unified Communications Manager CUCM 9.1.1 Installation

Hello: everyone today, I will try to install the scene, UCM, Cisco, Unified Communication Manager – 9.2 1.1, which is, I think, the latest, so maybe there’s an you were just more than one version above. This is the first time I’m gon na. Do this I’m not sure how it’s gon na go through?

I will start by showing that I have two ESX host two boxes. One of them is the Cisco approved one, which is the UCS C 200 m2, which is this one first. I will not try to install it on the server’s right to install them, the one that I have the personal one, which is an assembled 64-bit server, just to see the image of the UCS, which is this one. At the moment we are running see you see em 8.6, but we might be in the process of upgrading to 9.

. So I’m trying to do this on a test environment prior to implement anything. So, as you can see, this is the the box, the Cisco box, that we have. It has around 24k to processor, 2 processors, 4 cores per socket, I’m not going to start the installation. If it fails on the second box, I will implement it on the original box, the box that I’m gon na do the installation on as it’s a box that I assembled it has a 64 bit.

It has one CPU, eight eight cores it has almost sixteen. It made sixteen gig of ram. I was searching all night to find, what’s recommended to install for CCM nine point, one document use for cake RAM, which I think I have and they suggest you use 160 cake or four decks hard disk space. Also, I have that. I will start by creating the virtual machine for for this box that will go with the custom installation, CU c m9, thanks i’ll choose, which one will go for this one next next and I will go for next.

I will go for it to the next five. Sixty four-bit, I think the six does Linux six might work, but, based on my previous experience with GM’s 8

6, the Linux five 64-bit works. Fine. Next, I will choose two processors. Two cores one processor, two wars I will assign before kick-off Ram, gives us the default default default, hard disk, 160 cake and I’ll keep the thick provision.

I will assign them all one time. It’S preferable to send them all the space at one time, instead of coming through the thin provisioning. Next next add a virtual machine, just uh click finish and just close this one and mix my this one here is our box. Okay, what I have done earlier, I have uploaded the image for, for the CCM here is the image I was able to find it online. I haven’t even installed, you will get 60 days trial.

The image is four point. Seven I was paying to have it on a CD, you know DVD, but you need dual layer, so I thought just use the image and just map it to the box. This is what they gon na do now, just edit settings, mmm CD, high ISO image, just specify where its image located. Yes, it’s almost 5 cake and just connect at power on. I don’t have to do anything else.

Everything should be same okay, it’s open, console and power on what I wasn’t afraid of that the server might fail the hard work, hard work and made leave from my previous experience. The thing that might fail is the ethernet. The network card might not be approved as a hardware I will go. Might I don’t want performia check? This might take more time, there’s an installer, as you can see now the is detecting the server hardware, most probably, if this one pasts, the installation will go through unless there is something else rather than the Ethernet might affect the ethernet cord – might affect the installation because From the I have my other videos, I did the installation for the CCM 8.

and I had the same problem with the network card during the that time. Okay, I’m getting good news, past detection validation. Now it’s running another test a beginning, however setup and firmer management. Okay, I’ll be posing the video just. I don’t wan na go half like to be a long video.

Just having been waiting for the set up to finish. Okay, I’m looking for selective product will go for this. You see em okay version on the hard drive. None version on that DVD is 9. 1.

100. Do you want to proceed? Yes, since a confession proceed? If here’s nothing, if you have any upgrade tivity that you wan na use and my case, I don’t have any upgrade. No, it’s the basic installation option the option.

Okay, continue: okay, I am located and Toronto, which is GM t, minus five, okay, her network interface card speed and duplex and virtual mission. Okay, just goes continue. Doing keep everything the default. No, I don’t want to use the HTTP server, no hostname, okay, here’s you have to specify the host name and my hosting would be a a or just see you see, em nine point, one or just nine IP address I have and my DHCP server. I have just reserved an IP address to be used for this see you see em and at the same time I have add aesthetic DNS record for this server.

Oh four, four: five! High. Five! Ok, do you want to enable two main server? Yes, let me see her ID ant men.

It’S its. It will not accept like simple password, has to be certain length and use certain the caps lock and numbers and alphanumeric there’s a shine like deal just take a units location which is Canada, okay. This is this. Is the first notes gon na be in the cluster? I have another video showing that how we add two boxes – primary and secondary publishers started publishing a subscriber, and our case is gon na, be the first one.

If this is the second box, you are adding subscriber, you can just click no and just specify the first one. This is the first box and TP server. If you don’t have an NTP server, it’s gon na be hard to do to install see you see em. I had this problem before you have to make sure that you have an NTP server. This is able to communicate with with the CCM security password and my kiss, I’m gon na use the same fast work for all the security requirement.

Just for this demonstration, you want to configure SMTP, you don’t have an SMTP. Okay, hmm hope that everything will go smooth as planned now to start running. Pre-Installation script LP, as I said before, I’ll be pausing the video just to save. To save you, time looks like it’s formatting to hard-disk. Okay, it has finished formatting the hard drive, and now it will start installing the operating system.

As you can see, it’s 248 item it’s gon na go through them all. I will not keep the video running for review all 248, but in case of anything happen I will just continue and to show you what’s going on. Okay, it seems 23 fast and it took almost wanted to for death. Listen less than 3 minutes. It’S running another group of tasks now populating hardware, rpm and rpm archives.

Okay, the installation is still running package after package after package, I’m not sure how this might take again, but so far everything is running, smooth, no problems to mention. So far – and here it’s looked like we’re getting a new screen showing the installation and yeah students running scripts because that’s giving you a time like each script, I was gon na take as you can see here, 34 script to one minute. So if it is 34, one minutes each script, so it’s gon na take like half an hour. Okay, it looks like everything is done and it shows that the system will reboot momentarily to continue the installation. Okay, I remember before with if the box or or if the network card is not compatible, one of their or now will they know, wouldn’t show us failed.

I mean one of the tasks that will start like starting the services and it will show like okay next to each service, one of them that I was having trouble with with the ethernet setting the clock. Yeah everything looks to be fine warning: okay, dump initial around disk form; okay, that’s okay! As long as it doesn’t, it doesn’t fail, but I’m not sure what what was that error. It’S finished loading and it’s it’s configuring, the network now and I’m not sure it was that era, but it looks it didn’t care a lot for it setup still running and everything seems to be fine. It has been over an hour so far and the installation is not yet done running script after script after script.

Might it looks like there’s needs one more hour to finish the installation. Okay, good news installation has been successful, took around like an hour and 40 minutes. Yeah I’m getting the login screen, try to login, just a show to see if I’m able to ping I’m able to ping here we go. This is my show network is shown, not a GIS. You you know all that information.

Let’S try to open the browser. Should you ps10, it might take some time. This is like what I notice also from the previous version, make sometimes just to be able to access that web interface. As you can see, you know it’s still here we go continue. Cisco choose the first option.

Yes, as I expected this can take, I think, a minute or two just to be able to view to be able to log in check around for minutes just to be able to get to log in screen just taking some time to load. Okay yeah, as ice mentioned earlier, that’s gon na give the lessons gon na be back for 60 days. Here’S the server this is all for now. I will try to make another video just to show how to configure this server and see the comparison between the eight point. Six and the nine point one, and for now.

Thank you for watching and hope that you enjoyed the video

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