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In this video, we will be unboxing Cisco’s 8865 IP phone with multi-platform phone firmware! This phone is jampacked with features including a video camera for video calls, high-fidelity voice, color screen, Wifi, Bluetooth, and more!

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Mary Cheney:
Hey, everybody. It’s Mary Cheney here at VoIP Supply. And today, we’re going to be unboxing Cisco’s 8865 video conferencing phone. So let’s see what’s in the box. Okay, so we’re going to open the box here. And we have some product information. We have our cords. Looks like a power supply. They’re giving us everything we need, which is great. Handset. Okay, so let’s take out the best part of this, the phone. You can already see it has this nice, great big screen. So box out of the way here. Set that down. Here’s the stand. The replaceable faceplate here, which is pretty cool.
Mary Cheney:
Okay, so let’s look at some of the cool features of this phone. So you’ve got your incoming call or voicemail indicator, and that’s actually right on the handset here. So that’ll turn different colors when you get your calls or when you have a voicemail. You have the camera on this. This is a video phone. What’s really cool about this is there is the shutter to close. So you just move this little silver part and it opens and closes the lens for you. You have your line and feature buttons here. These also will light up as well.
Mary Cheney:
And then you can see your soft keys here. This button is actually your back navigation and release button. And then you have your other standard buttons that are on the phone, your volume control here, your headset, mute, your conference, voicemail. This will bring up your directory and your settings. The Cisco 8865 IP video phone is shipped with the multi-platform phone firmware and a power cube and power cord for North America. The platforms that the Cisco 8800 series are supported on are Cisco WebEx Calling, WebEx Calling Carrier, Cisco BroadWorks, Asterisk, Centile, Metaswitch, Ribbon Kandy Business Solutions. Lastly, this phone has wifi and Bluetooth. So there you have it. This is Cisco’s 8865. We hope you enjoyed the unboxing video. If you’re looking for more information about this phone or any phone in this series, check out the links in the description below and be sure to like and subscribe to our channel. See you next time.

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