CINOTON 150W UFO LED High Bay Light Review and Demo

CINOTON 150W UFO LED High Bay Light review. If you’re looking for a powerful and industrial quality LED bay light, look no further. This LED puts out 21,000 lumens to make your space glow!

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This 150W high bay led light with 5000K daylight provides you 21000 lumen’s output which equivalent to 600W halogen lamps/sodium lamps, help you to save up to 75% electric bill instantly. Also this led high bay light allow to connect to 1-10V DC dimming switch / 10V PWM signal dimming switch / Resistance dimmer switch for adjusting the brightness as you need.

IP65 certified water resistant and dust-proof design help to avoid damage from outdoor weather conditions. It’s operating temperature is -4F ~ +104F (-20C~40C).

High bay light fixture of 150W is super bright, can be perfectly used in factory, warehouse, workshop, garage, backyard, supermarket, exhibition hall, stadium,gymnasiums, airplane hangars, manufacturing facilities, storage areas, grocery stores, industrial area, etc.

You can install this ufo high bay light by yourself in 3 minutes as it has an ETL Approved 6.5 feet cable with US standard 110V plug, save your time and money for the installation. It comes with a US hook that allows you to install it by pendant or hook.


CINOTON 150W UFO LED High Bay Light 100-277V, ETL Approved 6.5’ Cable with US Plug, Replacement for 600W HID/Hps, 21000 lumens 1-10V dimmable 5000K Daylight, IP65 for Warehouse Workshop Wet Location

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