CentOS 7 Network Configuration Using nmtui Tool

CentOS 7 network configuration is an important task to any system administrator. This video will show how to configure CentOS 7 network using nmtui tool.

VoIP Business Telephone System Upgrade Planning For Mid-Size Organizations

So your organization is finally planning on upgrading the old PBX, you’ve got a big project on your hands, and you are looking for the first things that you need to do to plan this beast out. Well have no fear because I have been on the planning, design, deployment and support side of the voice over IP business for 10 years and will give you a big picture overview of what the next 3 to 12 months are going to be like for you.

Is an Internet Phone the Answer?

Today’s technology is continually evolving. No longer is one required to sit by the phone waiting for a certain call. This is due the many options one has when it comes to phone companies and service plans. One of the most efficient phone choices is that of VoIP or internet Phone Service.

Avail Low Rate Calling Card to India

It’s your parents’ 25th anniversary and you want to surprise them by calling them at the stroke of midnight. However, you do not have much balance left in your cell phone to call them up.

IP Phones – A Whole New World Opened Its Doors

Undoubtedly, phones have become the most used high-tech “toy” which has ever been created. According to the last statistics, more than 10 billion phones have been sold for the whole period of this industry’s existence. Of course, that is not surprising since most of the people have had at least 2 or 3 phones so that they are always fashionable and up-to-date! However, the phones which we know have some disadvantages- for example they cannot be used while driving a car, bus or any other vehicle. Fortunately, as the time goes by and IP Phones were invented, we can forget about the discomfort of wearing headset for hands-free calls all the time.

Understanding a VOIP Phone System

In this day and age, with the many advancements in technology, traditional land line telephones are becoming less and less common. Even businesses, which usually cannot function solely with cell phones as many individuals can, have found a more efficient alternative. A VOIP phone system uses an IP network such as the Internet to make and receive calls.

Save Money on Communications

Communication is extremely vital in today’s society. Without communication be wouldn’t be able to evolve. Not only would we not be able to evolve but we would no longer be able to use the communication technologies of today that most of us take advantage of.

Cisco Phone Systems – Delivering Appealing Quality at Much Cheaper Rates

Voice over Internet protocol has been launched since several years. The Cisco phone systems can be considered to be one of the dogmatic leaders in this particular field. The VoIP service makes use of the online protocol in order to endow audio communication.

Guidelines For Picking a Top-Notch VoIP Provider

When deciding on a VoIP service, you should first find a plan that makes sense for your wallet. You’ll want to avoid purchasing a costly VoIP system with an inflexible fixed contract.

What Are the Pros and Consequences of Voice Over IP

Many people are able to talk at the same time by many services, which makes it easy to conduct a conference call. VoIP minimizes the requirement for traditional telephone services and users are able to use their broadband service for all of their communication requirements.

Conferencing Internet Services – Improved Communication

While talking about conferencing, internet is the best solution. There are lots of internet conferencing services available throughout the world to make communication easier, better and cost effective.

Reliable Business VoIP PBX Phone System

Reliable VoIP PBX phone is the favored communication choice of many low-budget business establishments. The VoIP PBX phone system lowers costs when you expand business.

Cost-Effective Hosted VoIP PBX Solutions

Cost-effective hosted VoIP PBX solutions help small businesses to resolve their communication requirements. Hosted PBX VoIP system can be used without installing costly equipment.

Video Phones Have Become Even More Advanced?

Can you believe it? They have actually made the video phone even better! You can actual pre-order your own video phone on June 17, 2010.

Free VOIP Service and VOIP Calls Review

VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a great technology which allows you to use the Internet to communicate. VoIP is used regularly today, there are some services you can use.

The Three Ways of Cheap International Calls

There are three ways you can talk to you near and dear ones living off shores. And, those three ways are, from computers, fixed line phones and mobiles. Now, all the three channels can be used for making free or cheap calls. All this has become possible with the help of the breakthrough technology called voice over Internet protocol.

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