CentOS 7.5 Installation Step by Step with GUI (GNOME Desktop)

CentOS is a Linux distribution that provides a free, enterprise-class, community-supported server platform. So, any enterprise service can be run with it.
For more detail: https://systemzone.net/centos-7-5-installation-step-by-step-with-gui-gnome-desktop

Download link: http://isoredirect.centos.org/centos/7/isos/x86_64

VoIP Review

For VoIP using you need to download and install software. Owing to this program you can phone to fixed number or video call, as you wish. Also, you can send sms through IP-phone.

Top Reasons to Use a Hosted PBX Service Instead of a Traditional Telephone System

Hosted PBX services provide many advantages over the purchase or use of a traditional telephone system because they furnish advanced telephone system features as a service over the Internet. Many of those advanced features are expensive to deploy as part of a telephone system.

What is Asterisk VoIP?

Asterisk is the cornerstone of the VoIP world. Asterisk as originally developed by Digium. This company has created such software that allows people to setup a server and make calls.

6 Steps to Selecting a Hosted PBX Or Hosted VoIP Provider

Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP services are quickly replacing traditional telephone systems in the business community. In addition to lower telephone bills and getting away from 1960s phone line technology, the benefits are wide and far ranging. They include virtual local numbers, telecommuting, connecting multiple locations together through voice, Personal Telephone Numbers, Mobile PBX, Private Faxes, Unified Communications and many more.

Residential VoIP Service – Offering Perfect Solution For You!

The VoIP phone is provides an innovating and improved solution to the calling needs of mainstream. The technology is now harnessed in such a way that it has gained success in masses worldwide. The availability of this VoIP service for you has made the communication better and (more importantly) a lot cheaper.

VoIP Or PBX Phone System – What’s the Difference?

In the world of office technology, there are many technical terms used which can confuse even the most savvy user. Furthermore, two of the most confused office technology terms are VoIP and PBX. If you run a small office and are looking for optimal communication, you should look no further than a VoIP or PBX phone system.

The Advantages of VOIP Versus the Traditional PSTN Phone Are Numerous

When Mr. Alexander Graham Bell famously shouted that famous phrase requesting his assistant to come to him, the device which we would come to know as the telephone was born. This remarkable device was immediately recognized as a runaway business success.

Cheap International Calling Card For World Cup 2010

The World Cup is very close. This is a very special time in many people’s lives and cheap phone calls are very important. VoIP Services are launching their World Cup campaigns to lure in new customers who are looking to call the 37 countries in the World Cup. If you have families in say Brazil, Argentina, England, China, etc, you can expect very cheap international calls.

Are Your Sales Calls Really Getting Through to a Sales Person?

Do you run a small business with a few staff members attempting to market nationally or internationally over the web? If you do and are publishing a telephone number, your potential customers can be calling anytime during the day or night. When potential sales leads make the effort to call on the phone, they want to talk to a live person who can give them immediate answers about your product or service. When potential clients do not get a knowledgeable person on the phone, the lead is lost and the resources expended to get that lead become wasted time, money and effort.

Top Five Benefits of Business VoIP

The main benefits of using VoIP technologies in a business setting have to do with cost efficiency and portability. Unified communications is more and more necessary as the business world goes virtual, with key personnel spread out across the globe in many cases. The first major benefit is cost saving potential.

Eight Different Government Related Implementations of Voice Over IP Technology

VoIP is not just restricted to consumer and business use. VoIP implementations are seeing their way into emergency systems, and the technology is well suited for highly sensitive communication sessions.

Conference Call Provider – Importance, Services and Selection Process

If you are searching for a conference call provider then be careful in choosing the right one. Many companies only give lip service and the quality of phone conference is very low in those cases. Thus, the only suggestion that I want to give before selecting a conference call provider is to act prudently.

Fully Featured VoIP Enabled IP PBX

Full-featured VoIP enabled IP PBX can be utilized without buying expensive onsite PBX hardware. VoIP enabled IP PBX phone systems include many sophisticated call management features.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Over Internet Protocol Telephone Service

There’s this belief stating that “the very best things in life are free.” Exactly how a person might respond to the simple fact that a person may place international calls around the globe free of charge?

How to Use Mobile PBX to Keep Mobile Employees in Touch With Callers

The company has mobile personnel that need to maintain telephone contact with customers and other outside callers. Customers and callers can have difficulty contacting those that are away from their desk. When someone moves around a lot, it may be some time before they retrieve their messages and return calls.

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