Careers at Huawei: The Sky Is The Limit

When you join #Huawei, you’ll find your place among the stars — make an impact globally, challenge new frontiers, and discover the next horizon in your career. The sky is truly the limit. Now open for recruitment globally, grow your career with us by exploring #HuaweiCareers opportunities at

The expansion of human progress is the Process of breakthrough [Music] Don't limit your challenge Challenge your limit Ignorance blurred eyes But ancestor Pioneers blurred the Ignorance And allowed the universe The Horizon By creating lenses Because he saw the invention [Music] [Music] Fear chained The Secret of nature [Music] But Faraday chained fear [Music] Foreign [Music] Rushing auras of Steels with discovering An electromagnetic induction [Music] As he saw the innovation [Music] Boundaries pushed everybody out [Music] Foreign Pushed the boundaries Where he said hello to infinity and Beyond Because he saw the transformation [Music] The universe evolved humans into wisdom But you evolve machines to be

Intelligent Seeking algorithm to eliminate Negligence and lighting a smarter future Because you saw it For alone Don't dream of the sky touch it Don't aim for the Stars be From every yesterday to every two every Tomorrow The skies the limit

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