Bridging the world of DeFi

Defactor is a start-up that bridges traditional financing to the new world of #DeFi. Check out their journey at the Huawei International Scale-Up Programme in Ireland delivered by Dogpatch Labs.

Watch the Huawei International Start-Up Scale-Up Programme livestream:

Foreign [Music] Actor is trying to bridge traditional Finance into the defy space or Decentralized Finance space The idea is to bring traditional Financial players and teaching and Helping to use a liquidity that is Trapped at the moment the defy Environment and how we do that is Through blockchain technology and using Real-world assets and tokenizing this Railway access to using as collateral For financial services clients Nfts We are Saturday the company in February Last year we are 17 people in the team At the moment our main hobby is here in Ireland in Dogpatch but we have people In Poland we have people in India and Portugal and the team keeps growing Tech teams have been working remotely For years and years so there's no much Difference in there and Kobe actually Force us to be resourceful but we get Together from time to time That mix between face to face and the Remote work is fantastic We started this Kayla program in Partnership with Huawei and Dogpatch Labs fire station went extremely well Great balance between warships and time With the mentors but also presentation From the mentors that I think were

Extremely expiring I've been in in the startup ecosystem For the last four years and places like Dogpatcher just fundamental to it right I consider this is the hope of startups In whole Ireland and having these spaces That we can just share ideas and we can Collaborate that are extremely important Looking for investors Dog Patch Labs is The largest Innovation Hub in Ireland And really our mission is to help Accelerate the Irish ecosystem we Primarily collaborate with startups but Companies like Huawei have a role to Play Within this and they can work Together for Mutual benefit Emily Huawei can help us dramatically to Scale internationally that came open or No Condors that we can't at the moment These relationships between startups and Big corporations are are fundamental Instrumental actually to scale Businesses but also for the success of The startup ecosystem We have already helped due to the Digital infrastructure now we would like To step up to help establish a synergize A global ecosystem for our staffs here Foreign Every single day because you never know Who you are meeting actually and as your Business evolving your pitch evolves as Well so I think it's a never-ending Story right

To factor it really show the potential Of what's possible with this kind of Technology so on that I'm going to hand You over to Alejandra Hi everybody my name is Alejandro Gutierrez and I am the co-founder and Operations lead of the factor today I'm Going to explain how the factory is Bridging traditional Finance into the World of D5 I think the page went pretty well so we Are really glad to be having a chance to Showcase we're doing to an international Crowd Elementary was fantastic it's been able Actually to just ask any questions for Them to provide guidance is The future for the factor we believe That is going to be right we believe That we still need to do a lot of Education and telling people about what Realistically is if I bring people in That journey and hoping to grow on a Scale pretty soon

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