Bootstrap 5 Crash Course Tutorial #2 – Bootstrap 5 New Features

Hey gang, in this Bootstrap 5 tutorial you’ll learn about all the main new features since version 4 – including the dropping of jQuery (!!!), new utility classes, new components.

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Stove Guard Automatic Shut Off Introduction

Stove Guard is a new product designed to monitor motion in the kitchen and automatically turn off the stove and range after a set amount of time if no movement is detected. This product was developed by Stove Guard International Ltd. With the main office based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, this product is 100% Canadian in origin, though it is now sold worldwide.

Smoothie Maker Versus Juice Maker

Which is better to own, a smoothie maker or a juice maker. Does it really matter? This depends upon what we are trying to gain. Is it weight loss or overall health. Do I buy a cheap blender or do I purchase an expensive juicer or smoothie maker? This article will cover some of these subjects for us and will shed some light on which tool may be the best for our needs. Is it our intention to make a lifestyle change or is this just another fad we are going through? Lots of questions to be answered within.

Uses of Clocks

Before clocks were invented, ancient civilizations used to keep track of time by the movement of the sun. Now in the 21st century, imagine if there are no clocks and we would have to take note of the position of the sun in order to reach work on time, wake up in the morning on time etc.

Advantages of Using Coolers

The summer is here and everyone is rushing to get their air conditioners repaired. An alternative that one can use to air conditioners can be evaporative coolers. Most people usually get these two mixed up but there is a significant difference between them and also how they function.

Why You Need Power Converters

Were you ever caught in a situation where you went to a foreign country but could not use your electronic devices due to different type of plug outputs or difference in voltage coming out from wall sockets? If you are a frequent traveler you would have noticed these differences in power supply in different countries.

Butcher Block Countertops Remedy

Typically the decorative touches regarding butcher block countertops is actually unmatched. It again adds a method statement and improves the design of the cooking area. Butcher mass countertops are constructed with wood using a natural end. Many individuals prefer it out there every other kitchen countertops since it helps prevent cross-contamination.

Plasma TV: The Magical Experience of Television Viewing

Plasma TV basically utilizes a plasma display panel or PDP. PCPs are usually the technology that is employed in large TV displays that are at least 30 inches wide. There were given the name “plasma” displays due to the fact that the technology makes use of minute cells that house electrically charged ionized gasses, or simply put, the chambers are practically defined to be florescent lamps.

Technological Revolution For Kitchens – The Joy Of Cooking

Latest technology is redesigning and redefining the Kitchens. Today new gadgets containing various options in them have made variety of tasks easier and quicker. It is less boring and more relaxing.

What Appliance Brands Hold Their Value

An appliance is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Appliances are always hefty purchases, and are one of the most important parts of your home. You rely on appliances for everything from cooking to cleaning, and especially considering the amount of money you will be putting forth for it, it only makes sense that you would want to make sure you make the most sensible buy.

Do You Have a Whole House Surge Protector?

Whether you know it or not, your home is full of delicate electronic devices. In addition to the computers, stereos and home theatre systems that come to mind, there are also many other appliances that have easily damaged circuitry on them. Protecting all of the electrical components is a fairly easy thing to do. Over the years, whole house surge protection systems have become very popular.

Things You Should Know First About A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are basically an air conditioning machine that has the ability to operate reversely. It is a kind of system that has a compressor cycle in conditioning the air according to the environment’s temperature.

How to Choose a Mini Fridge for Your Office

Are you trying to decide on a mini fridge for you office, but simply cannot make up your mind? Well, if you follow these guidelines, then you will have a clear idea for what you want to look for in a mini fridge.

Introduction To Bread Machines

With bread machines gaining popularity in the home appliance arena, you may be wondering if you should consider one. Two reasons are explained for a bread machine in your home, as well as some additional background information concerning this device.

What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Require?

Unsure what size ceiling fan is required for the room you are looking at? This article will help to determine the answer to the question – what size ceiling fan do I require?

Home Improvement: Benefits of Having Your Dryer Vent Cleaned

There is an appliance in your home that is the source of approximately 15,000 fires annually across the country. This appliance can also increase your energy bills when operating incorrectly, and can also cost you valuable time in terms of repeating a certain chore more times that you should have to. If you guessed that the appliance being described is the clothes dryer, you’re absolutely right.

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