Blocking VPN Access with MikroTik Router

Sometimes system administrators create firewall rule to block unwanted websites. But VPN apps break these firewall rules and allow access to unwanted websites. For example, if Facebook is blocked with MikroTik Firewall and any expert user installs and enables VPN apps (such as OpenVPN, Hotspot Shield, ProtonVPN, NordVPN, PureVPN etc.), he can easily get access to Facebook. So, system administrators should also block popular VPN apps so that user cannot use those VPN servers. Blocking VPN apps is not so easy. You should be expert enough to block VPN application. In this video, I will show a simple trick to block any VPN application with MikroTik Firewall.
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Hosted PBX For The New Generation

A single PBX hosted system can serve the needs of multiple clients. Since the service is shared among multiple users, the cost that comes down to individual users is just a fraction when compared with the traditional PBX system hence reducing the cost, time and increasing the business. Hosted PBX systems is the next generation ICON as everyone wants to get maximum out of a minimum.

Things to Consider When Switching to a VoIP Phone System

Switching to VoIP for your business is not something that should be taken lightly. You need to have a good grasp on your company’s communication needs to fully take advantage of all the features and savings VoIP has to offer.

Video Phone – 5 Reasons to Use the Video Phone

New technology allows us to see each other on the video phone. It’s used as a regular telephone or a video phone. The video phone had been an idea for many years as dramatized in the movies. The idea turned into reality and became a modern source of communication. Many people are not aware of this or haven’t explored switching to a video phone for everyday use. I will show you five reasons to use a video phone.

Telecommunications – FYI About VOIP – Must Read

Telecommunications the new technology you want to know about. VOIP that stands for voice over internet protocol. FYI means for your information. This article is an informative piece to inform you of some new and exciting advancements it the telecommunication world.

Hosted PBX Services

Hosted PBX Services offer a world of virtual office telecommunications that bring even the smallest of businesses into a new age of technology that used to be only available for large corporations. These services provide a sophisticated phone system for all business sizes and types and all configured online. Bought on a subscription basis, they are inexpensive and can be bought and managed all online.

Cheap PBX and Telecom Services

Looking to save money on your telecom bills? This article can get you started in the right direction.

The Business Models Of VoIP

This article mainly talks about the VoIP which makes communication convenience. The author also lists four different business models of this technology.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that allows us to make and receive calls by use of Internet connection at our residence or office. These systems usually interface with the traditional PSTN (public switched telephone network) to allow communications worldwide. One must realize that all VoIP services are created unequally.

When and When Not to Switch to VoIP for Your Business Communications

Many companies all over the world are making the switch from regular POTS telephone systems to VoIP communications. However, that doesn’t mean that this traditional phone system alternative is the best fit for every type of business.

VoIP and the PSTN

Understanding the difference between VoIP and PSTN can make your telecom decisions easier. This article will help you understand which service you should go with.

VoIP QoS Components and Determinants

Finding good quality of service with voice over IP is important. Although VoIP is usually cheaper than traditional phone systems, the quality is often a bit lower. Finding high-quality VoIP is important.

3 Main Advantages of Managed VoIP

Gives three reasons why Managed VoIP is superior to having your own system. Also talks about two different ways managed VoIP can be configured.

VoIP Cuts Costs and Adds Flexibility for Businesses

Voice over IP has incredible potential for growing businesses looking to streamline and integrate their daily communications operations. Many of these solutions allow users to ‘plug in’ to their company phone system from anywhere, or add extensions without any help from the provider.

Choosing Your VoIP Phone Service

VoIP, these four letters when combined gives a meaning to the business people. The VoIP phone services are popular nowadays and it has been the very useful phone service for the business people. What is VoIP?

VoIP Tutorial – Understanding How It All Works

Although understanding how to use voice over IP is pretty straightforward, it doesn’t hurt to have a guide. This article will point you to some of the better tutorials available on the subject.

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