Blocking HTTPS Websites with MikroTik TLS Host Matcher

Most of the websites now use https and blocking https websites is so much harder with the MikroTik RouterOS version less than 6.41. But from RouterOS v6.41, MikroTik Firewall introduces a new property named TLS Host that is capable to match https websites so easily. So, blocking https websites like Facebook, Yahoo etc. can be easily done with MikroTik Router if RouterOS version is greater than 6.41. In this video, I will show how to block https websites with MikroTik Firewall using TLS Host matcher.
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VoIP Fax Software – How To Choose The Right One For Your Business Or Home

In the traditional method of faxing, data transmission occurs using a fax machine connected to a PSTN phone line. In consequence, the communications costs can skyrocket especially for heavy users of the faxing technology. Fortunately, the communications industry has developed the VoIP fax software that can bypass these costs for good. Read on to learn more…

How to Find a Reliable VoIP Service Provider

Explains the factors that go into determining what makes a VoIP provider reliable. Also takes a look at some of the different types of VoIP services for a business.

Using The Ooma Telo Handset For Home Phone Calls

A review of the Ooma telephone system. Includes helpful tips on proper usage and buying instruction.

MagicJack – Limitations of MagicJack – Is It Still a Good Option to Make Free International Calls?

MagicJack as most of us know is a device that makes your US and Canada calls completely free of cost for an annual cost. Though the device is extremely easy to use, there are some limitations and drawbacks of this device. It is a good money saver on your phone bills but may not be reliable enough in case of emergencies.

Magicjack – Is Magicjack the Best Free VoIP Phone Service?

Magicjack is one such device which optimizes the VoIP technology by providing you with features like free international calling facility no matter where you are. In the past, making free international calls was possible only through your regular PC which also required the calling party to be online at the same time. It was neither possible nor convenient for everyone to log on to PC every time before calling up someone.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About VoIP But Were Afraid to Ask

Who would have thought that one day we wouldn’t even need telephones to make telephone calls? The latest innovation in phone service technology, Voiceover Internet Protocol (VoIP), requires only a computer and a high-speed Internet line-and it’s cheaper than landline phone calls.

Computer Based Training For Businesses – VoIP and Communication Solutions

The average modern business these days tries to keep up with the latest of technologies; in turn it has to keep its staff up to date too. For the medium to large sized business, one of the newest technological business solutions is VoIP.

The Great Advantages of Using VoIP System

There are many popular communication systems available in the world. VoIP system is one of them. It is a very beneficial system.

VoIP Business Phones Need to SIP It!

Enter the strange and wondrous world of SIP VoIP, SIP trunking and IP enabled PBX for business applications. A brief overview of the what, hows and whys of Voice Over IP SIP trunks, including cost and service considerations.

Talk About G-TALK

Getting started! More than 80 percent users are familiar with G-talk which is a client software application that enables users to talk on web. The previous feature with Gmail to communicate quickly is in advanced shape. But in the previous chat mode sitting on the rite of the window while we do compose an email was not much popular because there was no voice tab…

Magicjack – A Reliable VoIP Device to Make Free International Phone Calls – Pros and Cons

Magicjack is a small device that has two components; software necessary to route an IP phone call via high speed internet connection and SLIC (Subscribers Line Interface) to support traditional telephone lines. Both of these components are available in a matchbox sized device that can be carried and used anywhere if you have access to a PC and high speed internet connection.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP in simple terms is Voice over Internet Protocol that allows people to call at cheaper rates to any landlines or mobile phones using the Internet. The concept is when you already pay for the Internet Service Provider charges for your recurring monthly internet costs, you can make cheaper calls by using some VoIP software applications like Skype (a most popular one), just using your PC.

Hosted PBX VoIP – Know About It

Hosted PBX VoIP symbolizes the outlook anticipated of communication. PBX is the telephone system that is owned by an organization. In which each worker has a line for internal calls while sharing a few external lines with the other workers.

Skype – How the VoIP Service Works

Explains how the Skype VoIP service works. Also describes how it’s different from the VoIP services that businesses use.

Procure A Cost Effective And Superior Business Communication

VOIP is gaining an edge with each preceding day as it provides various features to the customers. It has brought down the costs of internet calling to a considerate level. It has prove to be quite beneficial for the businesses all over.

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