Black Excellence in Tech: Codesmith Grads Share Their Stories Navigating the Tech Landscape

In celebration of Black History Month, our Black Excellence in Tech panel highlights the voices and achievements of Codesmith grads in tech.

Join us as 4 Codesmith grads share their personal experiences navigating the tech landscape, and how they continue advocating for representation in and beyond the software engineering industry.

Codesmith strives to create a space where people from all walks of life feel empowered and welcome, have equal opportunity, and can freely and authentically represent themselves and their backgrounds.

Codesmith is proud to offer the Black Engineers at Codesmith Scholarship for students who identify as Black or African-American. Available for Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive programs, the Black Engineers at Codesmith Scholarship covers 100% of tuition for 10 Black students.

Learn more about the application process and eligibility:

Meet the Panelists:

Aaron Bart-Addison
Spotify, Web Engineer II
Aaron is a Web Engineer II at Spotify, specializing in building Full-Stack Javascript/Typescript (React | Redux | Node) applications. He is also CTO of ClearPath, a non-profit organization aiming to reduce teenage homelessness in NYC. When he’s not in the gym or creating music playlists, Aaron enjoys reading up on the latest tech news and finding/applying the right design pattern to scale a project.

Brandi Richardson
Microsoft, Software Engineer ll
Brandi works as a Software Engineer ll at Microsoft. She is passionate about human-centered design and engineering, and is driven by a desire to work at an intersection of tech, design, product, and people. She is also passionate about diversifying tech and making it a more inclusive environment. In her spare time, Brandi enjoys traveling, trying new brunch spots in Atlanta (where she lives), visiting wineries, doing yoga and reading fiction.

Cam Greer
Google, Software Engineer
Cam is from Detroit and currently lives in SF. After graduating from Howard University in 2020 with a degree in Accounting he moved to LA before he joined Codesmith’s Immersive that summer. He is currently a frontend engineer for Google as well as the founder of an NFT DAO and enjoys writing solidity on the Etheruem network. Some of his hobbies are running marathons, making beats and traveling.

Kyle Sherwood
Adobe, Program Manager
Originally from Connecticut and currently based in San Francisco, Kyle works in tech as a Program Manager, supporting the team at Adobe Systems, where he manages teams dedicated to marketing Adobe’s video and photography products on the website. Prior to Codesmith, he worked in digital marketing and had some frontend engineering experience, before deciding to pivot into a more people- and process- centered role. When Kyle isn’t working, he’s exercising (lifting, yoga, soccer, basketball, surfing, etc.), hanging out with friends, or playing video games.

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