Azollin Blower Review & Demo | Cordless Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Azollin blower cordless review and demo. In this video, I’ll show you how well the Azollin blower works in my building. This is not just a blower, but also a vacuum. Works great for smaller jobs such as blowing/vacuuming dust, leaves, sawdust.. etc.

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Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower: Turbofans & all-copper motors provide up to 23000 r/min strong power, keep running at top speed(140MPH) for 15 minutes, with max air flow 100CFM to support various small jobs. Designed for sweeping jobsite and hard surfaces such as patios, driveways, decks, garages, sidewalks, garages, etc.

Multi-Functionality: 2-speed variable speed switch of the cordless jobsite blower provides control and versatility. Incorporates both vacuum and blower into one. Please note that vacuuming leaves is not recommended.
Trigger Lock-on Reduces End User Fatigue:Humanized ON lock trigger design for continuous operation.

3.0Ah Battery and Charger Included: Azollin cordless leaf blower with battery and charger can support you to work for 15-25 minutes according to different speed modes.

Lightweight & Double-length Tube Compact Design: It weighs only 4.1lb with battery included, comfortable with one-handed operation and minimizing body stress. Allows use in space restricted areas. The double- length design of the leaf blower helps to blow without bending down, bringing you a better cleaning experience.

Choosing the right cordless leaf blower for your needs is critical to enjoying its many benefits. Unlike other corded equipment, cordless tools are lightweight and easy to use. A battery-powered model can last for up to 10 years. Most models have interchangeable batteries, so you can save money by using one that you have at home. There are two main types of batteries, rechargeable and standard. These are the most common types.

The battery-powered version of this blower is lighter than most gas-powered models. Moreover, unlike their gas-powered counterparts, they do not require refilling and are limited in their autonomy. Additionally, they require a power cord nearby to run. While a battery-powered leaf blower is more convenient than a corded alternative, they cannot be used for professional groundskeeping or large areas. However, they offer many extra features. Some of them include variable speed settings and a leaf vacuum attachment. Others come with mulchers and other attachments.

While it can’t be compared to a gas-powered unit, the power of a cordless blower is significantly greater than a standard blower. A blower with a battery lasts up to 90 minutes. Its power output is higher than those of a standard corded tool, which can leave you aching after several hours of work. With its cruise control function, you can easily adjust the speed and maintain the airflow. The in-line layout of the fan adds to its balanced feel. The battery is rechargeable and weighs only 6.5 pounds with the battery fitted, making it one of the lightest cordless leaf blowers.

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