Arpha Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock | Arpha Dead Bolt Lock

Arpha keyless entry deal bolt door lock. In this review, I’ll show you the new Arpha lock I got. I’ll install and show how it works. I think this is a great lock and although I installed it on my garage door, this look would look great on the main house door entrance or even an office.

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Sturdy Quality – ANSI certification, safety guaranteed. Ultra-quiet motor returns your home the essence to be a quiet place to rest. This keypad deadbolt lock runs smoothly for over 10 years, won’t get stuck easily as cheap flaky one.

Keyless Entry – Easy access to home with quick responsive touchscreen keypad locks. No more hassle of fumbling to keys before door while full of groceries on arms. 4AA batteries (not provided) last for 365 days use (10 opening times a day), contributing your efforts to low carbon and friendly environment.

Auto Lock – Enable Auto Lock feature to ensure your door always locks behind you. Customize the lock time from 20 to 900 seconds to match your needs. So feel your mind of worrying about whether the door is locked or not, especially for families with kids and elderly.

Maximum Convenience – Create various access codes for visitors and remove them whenever you want. Unique vacation mode enhances the safety of your home while you’re away. The ideal door keypad locks for home, office, and shops along the street
Easy to Install – No drill hole needed. This digital deadbolt fits most standard doors, both left and right swing doors. It’s a breeze to replace your existing deadbolt with a screwdriver in minutes. No app or WiFi, or extra gateway needed. ARPHA Technical Support is always here to help.

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Arpha Keyless Entry Door Lock, Electronic Door Lock with Keypad Deadbolt, Touchscreen Keypad, Quiet Motor, Auto Lock, 1 Touch Locking

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