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Building a mass notification system for your business doesn’t have to be complicated! Learn about Algo’s IP portfolio and get a detailed product overview including their new satellite speaker technology!

We have everything you need for VoIP!

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How Software Technology Has Advantages Over Hardware?

Reliability is the foremost quality of a Soft switch. The sophisticated architecture ensures that any chance of system failure is just next to negligible. Read on to get a handle on Soft switch, the technology behind Voice Over Internet Protocol or VoIP.

Telephone VoIP Systems For A Small Business

Looking for a communication solution for your small business? Then read on and find out more about the advantages of switching to a VoIP system for efficiency, speed, and lower costs.

Outsource Your VoIP Infrastructure

Implementing VoIP in your organization can be a harrowing task. Without the technical competence necessary for a successful VoIP deployment, your firm will not be able to reap the full benefits.

Advantages of Mobile Email Service

Mobile devices with VoIP facilities are high end technological gadgets that are certainly efficient and exquisite. It converts sound in to data before sending it across the internet and the vice versa at the receiving end.

How VoIP Phone Systems Save Money

Businesses understand the importance of communication technology. They also understand the importance of saving money. They want a system that is efficient, reliable, easy to use, and reasonably priced. It’s no surprise that many businesses are implementing VoIP (voice over internet Protocol) Business Systems into their daily operations.

How to Set Up VOIP

There are many ways to set up a VoIP system. Depending on what you call “VoIP”, the procedure will vary and there’s no single answer. For standardized SIP VoIP systems however, it’s not at all difficult.

How to Find Leading VoIP Service Providers

Even the VoIP Phone Service plays a great role since it is more cost-effective results in less amount of bills many business associates preferred this option. It completely transformed the systematic way of rhythmic traditional system and brought in a metric change.

Top Five Reasons to Switch to Internet Phone Service

There are many people who still have no idea what a VoIP or internet phone service really is. This article provides you a basic introduction of the VoIP and how it is beneficial for the ordinary landline users.

Reducing Telephony Costs in Multi-Sited Businesses

Businesses that operate on multiple sites could potentially be overspending on their telephony. Traditional, on-site telephone systems can prove costly due to the installation itself and maintenance of the hardware. However, a hosted telephony service significantly reduces those issues, saving time and money.

Citywide Wi-Fi Proves to Be a Boon for VoIP Services

For mobile phones, VoIP services have often been crippled by poor wireless data networks. Till now, Wi-Fi has remained localized to a few hotspots only. All that is about to change.

Caller ID Used With Enhanced Voice Mail Puts You in Control

It seems today that we are all tethered to our telephones. Few people have moments without telephone availability and we all have grown immune to the inconvenient ringing of a mobile phone in almost every location. However, having a phone available for convenience does not require we become slaves to the phone itself.

Business Phone System – How To Achieve Perfection

Technological advancements have completely changed the whole process of doing business all around the globe.The accelerated growth of technological advancements leads to a new idea of global village where people from different geographical areas appear closer to each other. One of the appreciable achievements of technology in the telecommunication platform is the business phone system.

What You Should Know About Voice Over IP

Using voice over IP does more than just save money. Discover all the advantages and options available to you.

Understanding VoIP Gateways

A VoIP gateway is crucial in order for the PSTN network to communicate with the VoIP one. Find out what it is, and how it works.

How to Improve Organizational Communication With VoIP

Installation of communication technologies like internet, landline telephonic system, cellular networks etc. is part of the same scheme, where the organizations tend to improve and maintain a smooth communication process. A new addition to this process has been VoIP or Voice over internet protocol. This latest addition has been gaining significant growth over the last decade, particularly after the year 2005; its growth has been sparkling. The popularity of VoIP is accredited to various factors; like, cost effectiveness, efficiency and convenience etc.

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