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The Algo 8190 is a versatile PoE+ wideband speaker-clock and is also a compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint! In this video, we’ll show you how easy it is to configure, and showcase some of its more impressive features and functions like Multicast, alerting, and more!

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Hey, it’s Mark again, still not in the lab at VoIP Supply, but I am here to share with you a very interesting product for one of my favorite companies, ALGO. If you’re not familiar with ALGO, they’re a leading company in the intercom, paging, and alerting space. With that said, we’re going to be talking about the ALGO 8190S SIP Classroom Speaker.
Additionally, there’s a built-in dry contact relay input and output for things like electronic door latches or call buttons. There’s one gigabyte of storage space for uploading wave files. That can be customized messages, alerts, or tones, which can be managed to the web interface. A very nice high contrast clock that is synchronized with MTP sits on top of the unit with a call button, located all the way at the bottom. Overall, the dimensions of the ALGO 8190S is 16 inches high, 8.25 inches wide, and three inches thick.
Now, once you browse to the IP address, I recommend using HTTPS, you’ll be presented with a status page before logging in. It’ll give you the status of a couple of extensions that you might have registered. I have a configuration set up here already with a couple of extensions for functions, and you’re also given some status information, IP addresses, the date, the time, speaker settings. And you’re actually seeing a PoE-plus warning on the bottom here, just because I don’t have it plugged into PoE-plus. It’ll tell you you should use that if you want to use both audio and strobes.
After logging in, you were brought to the SIP tab under basic settings where you’ll start your configuration. You’ll notice that I already have a configuration that I set up for the demonstration, but I’ll kind of run through this real quick. For the SIP domain, this is the IP address of your IP PBX, and I have a ring alert extension 6006 on my PBX, and it’s registered with the ALGO. Underneath it, I have a page extension 6007, and the extension to dial is 6000. What that does is dial that number immediately once someone pushes the button on the bottom of the device. The other two extensions are for functionality, where I can alert the device and I can page the device.
And multicast is going to be pretty important, especially if you have poly-com phones. And even if you don’t, and your phones support multicast, you’re able to broadcast audio to the speaker with multicast. And poly-com has a built-in group page and push-to-talk, and I actually have this configured on my poly-com phone. Now, I’ll show you how that works, it’s pretty cool.
So, as you can see, there’s not a ton to the configuration of the ALGO 8190S, but what’s going to be important for the demonstration is here the emergency alerts. I’m going to go through playing the announcement, canceling the announcement. I’m going to page the ALGO. I’m just going to ring the ALGO and I’m going to demonstrate the poly-com push-to-talk multicast. So, let’s take a look at the physical unit and we’ll go through this demonstration.
Okay, here’s the feature I really like, which is the built-in poly-com push-to-talk multicast. So, this is a configuration on the phone itself. If you have poly-com phones, look through your or look through the interface on how to configure that. But I have it set up on the bottom here, so if I push and hold the push-to-talk … Hello. One, two, three.
So, I had to turn the voicemail off on this extension. But right now, it’s set to call my phone when I push this. And of course, if I don’t pick it up and I have voicemail, it’s going to go to voicemail and it’ll get stuck, but I could pick this up. Hello. So, it’s a useful feature.

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