Ailun Selfie Stick Tripod Review | Wireless Selfie Stick

Ailun Selfie Stick Tripod:  I just got my Ailun Selfie Stick Tripod and super excited about using it for upcoming videos. In this review, I’ll show you how it works.

Check out the Ailun Selfie Stick Tripod on Amazon at:

Update: I just realized the button on the tripod for taking pictures comes off of the tripod and can be used as a wireless remote :O

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Small Chest Freezer Advantage

A small chest freezer is a very wise investment. If you want to save money then a small chest freezer is the way to go. If you like the idea of saving on your monthly electricity and food bill then this is worth checking out.

Maintenance, Troubleshooting And Safety Tips For Your Blender

Certainly, blenders are useful additions to home appliances today, helping you make your own smoothies, baby food, and prepare cooking ingredients. However, to continue using this appliance safely for a long time, you have to maintain it properly and observe all the safety measures. Here are some of the tips that can help you achieve that:

The Year-Round Benefits of a Home Water Dispenser

Fancy having a constant supply of fresh, cool and delicious drinking water without filling your fridge with plastic bottles? Sounds like a dream come true for many families. This can be achieved effortlessly through the purchase of a home water dispenser.

How to Buy a Commercial Refrigerator

Buying a commercial refrigerator is an important and vital purchase for any food service business. This article gives advice on how to buy a commercial fridge and ensure you are getting quality and value for money.

Different Types of Spring Washers and Its Maintenance Tips

Spring washers are specific types of washers which are also known as disc springs. These products are utilized in a variety of applications for various purposes. It is basically used to eliminate rattle or sounds, regulate the tension in the assembly, compensate the contraction and expansion of the materials after the assembly process and so forth.

Top Ideas To Use Your Blender At Home

Sad to say, most people only use their blenders for a few basic things such as making smoothies. However, most modern blenders allow you some more creativity when it comes to making drinks, experimenting with ingredients and improving your cooking. If you are like most people who only use their blenders occasionally to make smoothies, you are missing out on many other ways to use this handy kitchen appliance.

Why Choose Commercial Appliances?

This is a debate that many food businesses have. There are some people who question whether commercial appliances are really needed for small food businesses like cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. The argument stems from the need to save money.

Choosing the Right Appliances for Your Coffee Shop

If you are starting a coffee shop or cafe, you will need to invest in the right appliances. This is particularly important and will form a significant part of your investment into the equipment you will need to run your business effectively.

Tips on Buying a Compact Refrigerator for Your Office

If you have the budget for it, it is advisable to purchase a mini or compact refrigerator for office use. Imagine experiencing the comforts of home in your place of work, where you can partake and share chilled goodies (ice cream, smoothies, fruit and vegetable salad, etc.) with your co-workers.

How to Use the Nespresso Pixie

This is a brief, but complete, guide to using the Nespresso Pixie machine. Its a process that can be replicated for use of any machines created by Nespresso.

Common Fridge Repairs for a Fridge That Is Not Cooling Properly

There are a number of things you can check with your fridge to see if they are working before you call in a fridge repair person. Only call in a repair person if these steps don’t help you discover and fix the problem.

Sandwich Makers – So How Do You Like Your Bread?

A sandwich maker not only toasts the bread, but also makes it more tasty and edible to eat. Most individuals or working professionals prefer a quick toast before they pack their sandwiches for breakfast or lunch. So what is a sandwich maker and how does it function?

What Is Water Softening?

Many of us wonder what we would do without our water softener. However, there are individuals all over the US suffering from hard water. Hard water not only dries out skin and hair, but it also shortens the lifespan of clothing and appliances.

How To Purchase Cookware According To Your Requirements

Purchasing cookware can be quite confusing for most of us in today’s circumstances. So in this article I share a few tips that’ll help you while purchasing cookware.

Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioners

An air conditioner (A/C) plays a vital role of ensuring that the air in the room is fresh and healthy. For the conditioner to have a long life span, you should maintain it. Here are some maintenance tips: Ensure that you have the right air filters. Air filters have a number of roles: they improve the quality of indoor air so that you and your family are able to breathe easily and stay healthy for a long time. The A/C filter also aids in protecting the equipment from damage by preventing dirt buildup.

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