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How to Improve Your Phone Manner

Having a good phone manner is incredibly useful and a great skill to cultivate. Most of us will speak on the phone several times a day, and we do this not only to catch up with friends and relatives who don’t live locally, but also to speak to companies, make bookings and chase up payments – all things that require us to sound confident and professional.

Deployment Scenarios of Session Border Controllers

Session border controllers (SBC) are used by operators of Voice over IP service services as a kind of a controllable access point to their infrastructure. All calls coming from subscribers or other operators or destined to those traverse such SBCs. The exact features provided by an SBC will depend very much on its usage scenario. In this paper we will look at the different possible deployment scenarios and highlight the different features needed by an SBC to support a specific deployment scenario.

SIP Trunk for Small Businesses

Overhauling a communication platform can be really expensive; usually the biggest expense comes from replacing the handsets and the PBX. For businesses running on a budget you might want to look into SIP trunk. The protocol works on most new model PBX whilst older ones may need a slight upgrade using a SIP card. But generally the set up is far less expensive than completely replacing all your phone system components and you will be saving precious time in training your staff with new phones.

Major Benefits Associated With the Use of Hosted PBX

Business profitability is the ultimate aim of the implementation of ay strategy or technology. The use of Hosted PBX systems is still a question amongst small business enterprises. Before saying “No” to the technology just because you are not acquainted with it, try to analyze the pros associated with the implementation of these systems and then take the decision.

The Importance of Testing VoIP Quality

The article talks about the importance of VoIP quality testing and call quality monitoring. It also discusses what to look for in VoIP services that offer these.

Out of Touch Governments Display Their Ignorance With VoIP

It’s astounding how government bodies who’re supposed to be “in the know” are unable to grasp the basic foundations of VoIP. The Internet cannot be controlled and applications that run on it cannot be differentiated from one another.

Most Common Toll Free Number Users

Who can use a toll free number? Most of the small business owners stop to think whether a toll free number can benefit them. Today, the use of 800 numbers has grown past the requirements of businesses to that of individual users. Find out how…

Small Business PBX – Big Image at a Small Cost

How does small business PBX play the big role in taking SMBs to new heights? The features of this system can streamline the entire calling process in a seamless manner. The benefits associated with the system.

Tools for Testing VoIP Quality

This is reiterates the importance of testing VoIP quality. It presents a summary of tools that can be used to test the quality of VoIP calls and networks.

Replacing Landlines With VoIP Phones

Specialized VoIP phones can be configured to automatically update themselves with a specific SIP provider. This makes it easy for a business to manage and maintain hundreds of VoIP devices.

Simple Tips to Avoid Problems in Network Cabling

Network cabling is not as easy as it sounds. If you don’t have the required knowledge as well as skills with you, the mistakes that you commit might damage your entire system. Even if you are having an experienced team of technicians with you, facing such a diverse set of technologies there are high chances that some unhappy pairings of faulty connections may bring down the entire system.

Using VoIP for Small Business

In today’s world, a small business team can only physically be in a few places at a given time. Being tied to a desk in fear of missing a call is a waste of time and money. But the use of VoIP and all the benefits it provides can allow communications to flow freely by following you and your team wherever you are to react fast and efficiently when opportunity come calling!

Bridging the Gap Between Chat and Voice

VoIP is an Internet application just like chat. As a result, it can share many of the same features as chat that are unavailable on the traditional PSTN phone system.

Session Border Controllers and NAT Traversal

Network Address Translators (NAT) are used to overcome the lack of IPv4 address availability by hiding an enterprise or even an operator’s network behind one or few IP addresses. The devices behind the NAT use private IP addresses that are not routable in the public Internet. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) has established itself as the de facto standard for voice over IP (VoIP) communication. In order to establish a call, a caller sends a SIP message, which contains its own IP address. The callee is supposed to reply back with a SIP message destined to the IP addresses included in the received SIP message. This will obviously not work if the caller is behind a NAT and is using a private IP address. In this paper we give first a short introduction to SIP and then describe how session border controllers enable SIP calls to be established across NATs.

VoIP Service for Small to Medium Business: Is It Worth the Switch?

Despite the advances in VoIP technology, many businesses are hesitant to leave the PSTN (public switched telephone network) in favor of the newer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. Although the promises of flexible, feature-rich systems at a significant reduction in telecommunication overhead are alluring, fear of poor voice quality, lack of security, dependence on internet connection, and the uncertain difficulty and cost of set-up hold many back.

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