3CX Version 18 Updates | Webinar 2021

Learn everything you need to know about the new release of 3CX Version 18 in this informational webinar! Also, this webinar includes very special guest Snom and will highlight some of their best products this year!

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Understand SIP

SIP is a standard protocol that is required for initiating an interactive session for users and can include more than one element at a time such as video, voice and data. If you don’t already know much about SIP or what the advantages are, then read on to know more.

Importance of Hosted VoIP Phone System

A hosted VoIP system circumvents busy signals – customers that cannot be answered right away are directed to a custom company voicemail. Or else, the call can be directed to an employee with an idle phone.

Competition in the Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX systems perform on IP networks, meaning that they use the same circuitry and wiring as your data network or LAN. The chief benefits of this setup are you only need one set of wiring in your business premises for all communication needs.

VoIP – The Litmus Test for Network Neutrality

Governments the world over are facing a tough choice when deciding whether to treat VoIP as regular Internet traffic or apply special rules to it. This has consequences for Internet network neutrality.

Roping in A Wholesale VoIP Provider

Collaborating with a wholesale provider will enable you to provide advanced VoIP service features to your clients. However, you need to make sure that the wholesaler you are working with is providing reliable services. With their support, you’ll be able to take up varied services for your clients.

All About VoIP Codecs

VoIP codecs prefer to the algorithms used to convert audio signals into digitally transmitted information. Selection of the correct codec can greatly improve one’s VoIP experience.

Plug ‘N’ Play VoIP Phones

When a business orders VoIP phones to use with its new communications infrastructure, it’s important to ensure that they work well with it’s SIP provider. Nowadays, phones can configure themselves to work perfectly with a specific service.

The Best Cloud PBX System for Small Business

A Cloud PBX system can make a big difference if your small business is looking for an efficient and cost-effective system. The term PBX system can be pretty misleading and confusing till you understand what it exactly implies.

Video Phone: Is It The Modern Day Solution For Long Distance Relationships?

What if your partner is constantly away from home with his/her job, your children are away at college, or perhaps they are all grown up with families of their own and they live in another state or abroad. Whatever the reason for the miles between you, long distance relationships can be pretty tough. Most people would advise against long distance relationships, but sometimes we don’t have a choice. What if there was an easy solution to make the miles between you completely disappear?

Using One Telephone Number for All Your Devices

One of the greatest benefits of VoIP is that it unifies all your channels of communication. Using one telephone number for all your devices is a game changer.

What to Expect From a Reliable VoIP Wholesaler?

For providing reliable retail VoIP services to your clients, it is essential that you collaborate with a wholesaler that provides robust backing. Read on to know the essentials of a trustworthy wholesale VoIP service. Find out how you can make sure that the wholesaler is someone you can rely on.

A Small Business Should Choose Its Network Partner Wisely

Even with a company of five to ten people, it is crucial to maintain communication with clients and vendors. You may not occupy the entire floor of an office building – in fact, you may work out of a tiny storefront – but this doesn’t mean your connectivity is any less important. Therefore, when you are ready to update your phone and Internet systems to apply Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, you should approach your search for a network partner with great care.

How Voice Over IP Technology Modernizes and Simplifies Offices of All Sizes

It’s amazing to think that 30-40 years ago, businesses relied mainly on a traditional phone service with a long distance option and the postal service to conduct all affairs. As I sit at my desk now, within reach of a multi-line phone and my computer, I wonder how I would be able to get my work done should any of my equipment break down. The recent addition of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology stands to make my job easier and hopefully allow me to better communicate with clients. VOIP modernizes the office while also bringing a sense of simplicity that helps improve my productivity.

How To Turn Your Useless Home PC Into IP Phone PBX?

When we are talking about setting up the IP phone PBX system in our home, the first thing that comes to our mind is where or how to begin. Here, we will discuss at an easy way to turn your home PC into a fully fledged IP phone PBX.

The Benefits of VoIP for Real Estate Agencies

As a real estate agent, you must constantly engage clients, sellers, lenders, and developers. If the market favors the home buyer, you will certainly earn your commissions working beyond your normal offices hours to ensure that your clients get the home they want. Staying on top of new listings, changes in home prices, and bids requires that you are always connected. Naturally, you carry your mobile phone and have access to e-mail, but is that enough to keep you wired into the fast paced world of real estate?

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